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How to apply a Coupon
How to apply a Coupon

Step-by-Step of how to apply any coupon on ProxyOmega

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ProxyOmega will have coupons now and again and if you are unsure on how to add the coupon on for a better price, below will show you how it is done. Quick and easy steps.

Step 1 - Choose which plan you would like to subscribe and then click on Select Plan.

Step 2 - Choose how many ports or proxies that you want to purchase. Click on Purchase.

Step 3 - After selecting "Credit / Debit Card & PayPal" and clicking "Pay with Stripe" and going through our payment process click on "Add promotion code"

Step 4 - After you have added the coupon, you will see that the coupon has now been applied to your transaction

Thats it! Once you click complete the transaction you should be all set and ready to use our proxies.

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