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Authentication and IP Whitelisting
Authentication and IP Whitelisting
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There are two different ways of Authenticating and Whitelisting your proxies. One way is using your Username and Password which is very similar to when you need to verify your account.

Whitelisting is a list of IP addresses regarded as authorised senders is referred to as a "whitelist" when used in connection with internet proxying. Requests from IP addresses that are whitelisted by a server are not blocked.

You should have no trouble accessing the proxies as long as your IPs are approved in advance.

However, if your proxied requests continue to fail after you have verified your IP address, one plausible reason is that the proxy stopped the request before you verified it for whatever reason.

Here at ProxyOmega we will provide an easy Step-By-Step guidelines so you will know how to do it for your own proxies that we provide for you.

Each of our plans uses different ways to authenticate and has different IP Whitelist Amount too:


Unlimited Residentials


IP Whitelist + User:Pass

IP Whitelist + User:Pass

IP Whitelist Amount



Step-By-Step to Whitelist

Step 1 - First thing you need to do is to figure out what your IP address that you want to Whitelist and input into the box below.


Step 2 - Go to your plan then scroll down till you see the IP Whitelisting box.

Step 3 - Once you have put the IP Address inside the box and submitted it, it will take about 2-5 minutes for it to be whitelisted. You have a maximum of 2 to whitelist any IP Addresses.

If you want additional Whitelist contact support using email and live chat or through Discord.

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